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12 January 2024  3.000 engines delivered ! 

For this special milestone, we have reserved the S/N 3000 to the first X240 produced.

Thanks for your continued support!


19/8/2023 Xicoy Turbines present at 2023 Jet World Masters

Pictures: JWM23


7/August/2023   X132 unveiled !

A new engine is born, the X132. 132N of power in a 90mm diameter engine of 940gram weight!.


30/April/2023  X60 deliveries start !

First 15 engines built and tested. Now shipping to first customers.


19/March/2023 Announced the X195!

Using new rotating parts, we have been able to get 195N on the same size engine as the X180. 


8/March/2023  X95 available !

The X85 has got new internal rotating assembly, allowing to increase the power output and reducing the fuel comsumption.


1/October/2022 100th X180 delivered !

Despite being of a size with many other options avaialble in the market, the sales of this model had been better than expected.  THANKYOU again!!!!


23 September 2022   2.000 engines delivered !

The engine number 2.000 has been the 378th X120 built.


7/March/2022 1.500 engines delivered!!

Thanks for your continued support!
The engine number 1500 has been the 17th X180 built.


10/12/2021 The turbojet family grows !

The new X180 in production!


18  June 2021  1.000 engines delivered !
OFFER  CLOSED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The 1000th has been a X120 Compact

You can join our celebration by ordering one of the 10 X120C engines offered at only 1,440 EUR net.  See conditions below.

Annotate your name in our fadebook page:¬if_id=1624035300583696¬if_t=feed_comment&ref=notif

The winners are:
David Soufer
Jonas Sjögren
Jean-Marie Dumas 
Felipe Rodriguez 
Florent Colombet
Daniel Schneider
 Manolo Vidal Vera
Fredrik Strömberg
Krunder Rasmussen
Daniel Smith


9/June/2021:                  We are close to deliver the 1,000th engine! 

To celebrate this event with our clients, we propose a special offer.

We are going to offer a 20% discount on 10 engines.

But ... hey, there are conditions to ensure that these engines are distributed fairly and reach the hands of end users who are going to use them in their models and not to speculate. The rules are:

1) This offer will start when the 1000th engine produced be shipped. Then we will publish here and in our Facebook profile the start of the offer. Please note that this refers to the 1000th engine shipped, not an engine with serial number 1000.

2)  Persons interested in one of the 10 offered engines should write a comment with his name under the FaceBook announcement, or email us, we will annotate his name in the FB list, so that everyone see when the 10 engines are booked and who are the winners.  The 10 first names will get the engines.  Only 10 engines available to the people who write his name on the list, no exemptions.

3) The 10 engines offered will be of same exactly model and options as the 1000th one, unknown at this moment, will be anounced in our publication.  No changes of model or options will be possible.

4) Only one engine per customer. Professionals (webshops, dealers,etc) are excluded from this offer.

5) Engines will be sold, invoiced and shipped to the person that annotate his name on the list. Not possible to change the name to other person. Also customer should commit to use the engine in his own planes and to not sell it to anyone else before 1st july 2023.

6) Engines will be delivered as soon as available, but if after 1 week of receiving the confirmation that the engine is ready the customer don't purchase the engine, the offer will expire.

7) The price of the engine will be the list price (see Order page) less 20%. Shipment will be charged at cost as usual.

8) In Xicoy all backorders are cancellable, you can always cancel a backorder at no cost.

9) Xicoy reserve the right to not ship to some countries or individuals.



8/1/2021 Turboprop shipments start !


2/1/2021:  DXF and 3D files for the thrust engines available for download !

Check at the bottom of each engine page.


28/12/2020 Shipping of the new X90 and X120 starts !


2/12/2020: New instructions manual in German available!
Deutsches Handbuch verfügbar.

6/11/2020: 500 engines produced!

Today we have finished the X45 number 500. More to come!


31/10/2020 X120 Jet engine released!

Check our new 120N engine in a 90mm diameter can.


31/10/2020 X90 Jet engine released !

Check our new small but powerful 90N engine.


31/10/2020 Turboprop page updated !

Now you can check the definitive technical data and preorder.


17/08/2020 Helicopter engines shipping !

The X45Heli has entered in regular production now.