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Compact package

Developped for  normal  installations, include the engine,  pump, fuel filter, cables and interconnecting hub with integrated miniature monochrome data terminal.

Price 1.499EUR + VAT

In Stock.

Light package

Ideal for small jets where space  is a premium.  Includes engine, pump, fuel filter, cables, miniature connecting hub,  plus an color touchpannel terminal that can be disconnected and kept in the pocket for  normal operation

Price 1.549EUR + VAT
In Stock.

Telemetry module

External module to connect the  X45 ecu to the following transmitter brands:  Jeti, Futaba, Multiplex, JR, HoTT, Spektrum, FrSky and PowerBox Core.

Price 35EUR + VAT

In Stock.

90ยบ connector

Allows the bus cable to exit parallel to the engine on a tight installations.
Not necessary on new engines where the connector already exits parallel to engine.

Price 4.5EUR + VAT

In Stock.

Fuel Pump

Replacement X45 fuel pump

Price 125EUR + VAT

In Stock.

Second installation Kit

Allows sharing same engine in two models, swapping it in few minutes.

Price 195EUR + VAT
In Stock

Mounting strap

Spare X45 mounting strap

Price 15EUR + VAT

In Stock.

Connection leads & other spares

Connection are available in different lenghts on stock, and can be customized.

Frequently asked questions

Currently  you can  order  directly to  factory  webshop by clicking the buttons below the products, or by contacting us at  sales@xicoy.com. If you contact by email, please include your address to  allow us to calculate the freight cost.

Customers  from  USA  can order  at  https://www.jetsmuntusa.com/ 

Customers from Australia and neighborhood countries (NZ, Japan, etc)  can order at https://www.jetproductsaustralia.com/

There are  3  service  centers,  in  Spain,  USA  and Australia.

The USA  and Australia service centers  are independent  companies, not  owned  by  Xicoy  so  they can refuse to  service  engines  that had been  purchased to  other places.

The engines  have a  warranty  period of  2  years  or  25h,  wichever  comes  first.  Warranty covers parts and  labor and  excludes the shipment  costs.  Please  download and check  the engine manual  for  warranty details.

Never ship an engine for repair  before  contacting us,  especially  if  shipping from outside the EU. Shipping an  engine  without correct  paperwork  surely will cause the box to become  stuck  in customs  for  some weeks,  and will generate extra  import charges.
In some  countries Xicoy  has a service  to  pick and return your engine through UPS,  you  pay only when engine is repaired and ready to return in a single invoice. Please  contact us including your address  for an exact quotation.  Typical price for full turnaround is 45EUR in most of EU countries and 150EUR for USA.  Shipment  costs  are not  included in  the warranty.

V.A.T.  is  the  Value Added Tax that  apply to all  sales inside the European Community.

Only if  you are European Union (EU) resident or  the goods  are  delivered  in  a  EU  country.  Goods shipped  outside the  EU  countries are VAT free.  In some  countries there maybe import taxes,  you  should  check locally  yourself before placing an order.

All  your purchases  in EU soil are VAT taxed,  you will  pay VAT  in  all  your purchases. However, you can  get the  VAT refunded when  you leave the EU, please  contact us for the  details.

No. We  need  the  export invoice and customs paperwork  showing the real value in  order to get the VAT refunded.  Without these documents  we  cannot  get  the VAT  discount.

Due at high  amount  of  fraud attempts that we are  experiencing, we only take  bank transfer for orders containing complete  engines. However, if you are an long time Xicoy customer  with clean  history,  please contact  us  to  check your particular  case.

No.  Our mission is to keep the engine  cost  as  affordable as  possible to expand  the  customers  base.  Sponsoring is  an  extra  expense  that will increase the engine prices to regular customers.