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X160 Turbojet

Power output adjustable from 75N to 160N

Small and light!.


Expanding the Xicoy range of engines to fill the gap between the X132 and the X180  for customers that need more power than 132N in a lightweight and low fuel comsumption engine.
Currently in development, expected release date March 2024.
Preliminary specifications subject to change:

Thrust:Continuously adjustable from 75 to 160N (36 Lbf, 16,3Kg )
Size:98 mm diameter, 210mm long
Weight:1050g engine, 1.250g  total installed weight except battery
Rpm Range:35,000 ... 140.000 RPM
Idle Thrust:5,3N 
Fuel:Kerosene + 4% oil. Diesel allowed but not reccomended. Fuels containing Biodiesel not allowed.
Fuel consumption:430g/minute at 160N. (530ml/min)
Starter motor:High speed brush-less
Fuel pump:Digitally controlled brush-less pump
Telemetry:Jeti/Futaba/MPX/Core/Hott/FrSky/Spektrum (optional modules)
Service interval:25 hours 
Reccomended battery:2s Lipo/2200mAh reccomended. (3s Life compatible).  Battery not included
Other:Built in sensors for ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure to automatically adjust the engine performance