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X195 Turbojet

Power output adjustable from 110N to 195N

Small and light!.


The X180 has received a new rotating components, allowing more power... keeping the lightweight and low fuel comsumption.

The engine is offered in Compact or Light versions.

Thrust:Maximum thrust adjustable from 110 to 195N (44 Lbf, 19,9Kg )
Size:106mm diameter, 247mm long
Weight:1400g (3,1lb) engine, 1.600g (3,5lb) total installed weight except battery
Rpm Range:28,000 ... 124.000 RPM
Idle Thrust:5,1N (0,6kg/1,2Lbf) @28.000RPM
Fuel:Kerosene + 4% oil. Diesel allowed but not reccomended. Fuels containing Biodiesel not allowed.
Fuel consumption:510g/minute at 195N. (640ml/min)
Starter motor:High speed brush-less
Fuel pump:Digitally controlled brush-less pump
Telemetry:Jeti/Futaba/MPX/Core/Hott/FrSky/Spektrum (optional modules)
Service interval:25 hours 
Reccomended battery:3s Lipo/2200mAh reccomended. (3s Life compatible).  Battery not included
Other:Built in sensors for ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure to automatically adjust the engine performance