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X60 Turbojet

Power output adjustable from 35N to 60N

An slighly increased diameter engine than the X45, sharing many of the features and ancillary parts of the X45 but with a 25% more thrust (60N)

Currently in development, expected release date at beginning of 2023.

Preliminary specifications subject to change:

  • High power Output:  60N  - 13,5lb
  • Low residual thrust:  2,1N 
  • Max RPM: 205.000
  • Minimum RPM: 55.000
  • Maximum diameter: 67,8mm
  • Lenght: 170mm
  • Easily adjustable maximum thrust output
  • Kerosene + 4% oil
  • Kerostart fast starting of 25 sec.
  • Inflight Restart technology. Typically half time than Normal Start.
  • Brushless fuel pump with integrated controller
  • High speed Brushless starter motor
  • All new Fully Integrated ecu
  • Telemetry for Jeti, Futaba, HoTT, MPX, PB Core, Spektrum, JR and FrSky. (optional module)
  • Fuel and FOD filters included



Comparative size