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X132 Turbojet

Power output adjustable from 60N to 132N

Small and light!.


Towards the end of the 1990's, Wren developed and set a new standard of small engine known as the MW54. This legendary engine gave a power output of 54N, with a can size of 90mm. It was smaller than the standard size of engines at the time, that where engines derived from the KJ66 design that had can sizes of around 110mm.

Over time, the power increased and many manufacturers developed engines of this 90mm can size, up to a power of 100N.

At Christmas 2020, Xicoy launched the X120, which went one step further again, achieving 120N of thrust with lower specific fuel consumption.
And now, in the summer of 2023, and after nearly 600 units of X120 engines sold, the time has come to review the engine design, applying the lessons learned from engines developed over the past two years. A significant investment has been required in the manufacture of the molds for a new turbine wheel and turbine stator, plus a new compressor design, in addition to various other changes to the combustion chamber and the entire rotating assembly.

The result is a 10% increase in performance, achieving 132N at the same size and weight as the original X120, and with similar fuel comsumption.

The X132 boasts new electronics which keeps up with typical to Xicoy standards, simple lightweight installation and of course it incorporates our FlexThrust Technology giving you anywhere from 60N to 132N at the press of a button. The X132 is perfect for all those popular models that need engines in the range of 60N to 132N. Plenty of kits available to chose from that are of a affordable and practical size.  Having an engine that can be used on all of them, the investment on a X132 is a perfect, long term,decision!!

Thrust:Continuously adjustable from 60 to 132N (29.7 Lbf, 13,5Kg )
Size:90,2mm diameter, 198mm long
Weight:940g (2,1lb) engine, 1.140g (2,5lb) total installed weight except battery
Rpm Range:40,000 ... 150.000 RPM
Idle Thrust:4,9N (1,1Lbf)
Fuel:Kerosene + 4% oil. Diesel allowed but not reccomended. Fuels containing Biodiesel not allowed.
Fuel consumption:360g/minute at 132N. (436ml/min)
Starter motor:High speed brush-less
Fuel pump:Digitally controlled brush-less pump
Telemetry:Jeti/Futaba/MPX/Core/Hott/FrSky/Spektrum (optional modules)
Service interval:25 hours 
Reccomended battery:2s Lipo/2200mAh reccomended. (3s Life compatible).  Battery not included
Other:Built in sensors for ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure to automatically adjust the engine performance