The Xicoy staff and all its worldwide network is at your service for any question you can have or to service your engine. In order to give you the best and quicker service,                    

1.  Contact first your local dealer where you bought the engine. Most questions and issues can be solved quickly and locally in your language and timezone by your local dealer. 

2.  In the case that the engine should be sent to factory, please send it through your local dealer, who can manage the issues related to customs and shipments overseas.   IMPORTANT: if you have purchased an engine built by The Jet Workshop UK (engraved on the engine body) , you should contact to for any service or warranty query.

3. If you decide to send the engine on your own, and you are located outside European Union, please CONTACT US FIRST.  Sending anything without the proper paperwork can cause the shipment to be returned back, extra delays and extra costs out of our control, that will be added to the repair invoice. 

4. ALWAYS fill the form below so that we know all necessary contact details and return address. Xicoy offer a turnaround service by UPS that picks the engine at your home and return back to you at a very interesting price. Please select this option in the form below to receive a quotation based in your address. Please note that the warranty from factory don't cover shipments, so is important to contact your local dealer first.

5. DO NOT send us anything that you did not receive with the engine. It is against transportation laws to include batteries and fuel tanks that have been in contact with fuel. WE WILL NOT RETURN THESE ITEMS and will charge you for any fines or surcharges your shipment may incur due to the inclusion of prohibited materials.

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Xicoy turbines after sales service request form

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