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Compact or Light?

All engines are offered in two versions. We call them Compact and Light versions.

The difference is only in the ancillary components.  The engine itself, pump and cables are exactly the same in both versions. Only the connecting hub and data terminal are different.

Compact version

Developed for normal installations, include the interconnecting hub with integrated miniature monochrome data terminal. This terminal must be installed permanently on the aeromodel and located in a place that be easily accesible.

It is possible to connect a second, remote screen to the hub if necessary.

Compact interconnection hub

Compact engine components

Light version

Ideal for small jets where space is a premium. Includes miniature connecting hub and a color touch panel terminal that can be placed in any convenient place in the model connected by a standard servo cable, or disconnected and kept in the pocket, it is not needed for normal operation. The color terminal includes a data recorder that stores up to 2 hour of data from the engine for post-flight analysis. To use this feature, it must be permanently installed in the model.

Interconnection hub light

Color data terminal

Light engine components